Itecad 1.5.1 (15 May 2020)

Bug-fix and interface improvements release.
- Modified: Improved the graphics interface of "Edit Nodes" in PCB
- Modified: "Find Component" is simpler to use
- Fixed: Some wrong translations in the italian language
Itecad 1.5.0 (23 October 2019)

German and Italian translation release (thanks to Michael Margraf for his help).
- Added: German translation
- Added: Italian translation
- Added: Property dialog on double-click on component

- Added: Short-cuts for "select" (F2), "wire" (Strg+E) and "update netlist" (F4) action
- Added: 'µ' into Internal vector font and some SMD components into library
- Changed: Escape key switches on the "Select" tool if there was nothing to stop

- Changed: "Update Netlist" action available in Schematic
- Changed: "Save" action active for untitled documents, too -> performs "Save as" action
- Changed: "meter" and "mil" instead of "metre" and "thou"
- Changed: Compileable with Qt5 and Qt4
- Changed: Omit many warnings
- Fixed: Crash with custom page size

Itecad 1.4.6 (30 September 2019)

Bug-Fix release.
- Fixed: Error in colour prints.
- Fixed: Error in the placement of the prints.
- Fixed: Error in ident on SilkBottom layer.

Itecad 1.4.5 (20 December 2016)

Improved text handling release.
- Added: Management of very small text useful in the production of SMT boards with high density of components.
- Added: Simultaneously change of the height of the text used in all the identifiers (R1, R2, etc.) of the PCB.
- Modified: The output of the drill file is now Excellon type.
- Fixed: Error in "Default Settings".
Itecad 1.4.4 (14 December 2016)

Bug-Fix release.
- Fixed: Gerber output error for filled Polygons.
Itecad 1.4.3 (19 October 2016)

Updating QT library version release.
- Modified: The QT version is updated to 5.7
- Fixed: "Gerber and Drills" output error for non circular Pads and Vias.
Itecad 1.4.2 (5 March 2014)

Bug-fix and interface improvements release.
- Fixed: Library bugs in "Insert Component" (thanks to Boris Dubrovskiy)
- Fixed: "Wire Width" error in PCB routing.
- Fixed: "Step Backward" error in PCB routing
- Fixed: "Finish Here" mistakenly not considered in PCB routing.
- Added: "Open Examples" command in the menu bar.
- Modified: Warning message of realtime DRC error is showed only 1 time.
- Modified: Library components with only one associated footprint are now showed in only 1 row in "Insert Component"
- Removed: "Add Via" during PCB routing.
Itecad 1.4.1 (25 February 2014)

Multiple board in a single project.
- Added: "Only selected?" option to gerber and drill output.
- Added: "X mirror?" option to PCB print.
Itecad 1.4.0 (23 January 2013)

Multiple part in a single footprint release.
- New: Multiple part in a single footprint (for example 4069 footprint associated with 6 inverters symbols).
- Added: "Edit Position" to easy move a pad or a via to a precise coordinate.
- Added: "Library Info" command to get information about the components library.
- Added: "Drag Mode" and "Move Mode" are now clearly indicated in the Edit menu.
- Added: Last path selected for Open/Save file operation is now proposed for the next Open/Save file operation.
- Modified: The QT version is updated to 5.0
- Modified: Replaced "int" with "void*" for handling arbitrary pointers, for compatibility with gcc compiler in Linux environment (thanks to Stuart Longland).
- Removed: Hosting of the source code on Gitorious. The source code is now only available at
- Fixed: Fullsize resizing error in the main window.
- Fixed: A crash error when removing documents.
- Fixed: Option "y axis direction" is now correctly saved.
Itecad 1.3.0 (27 July 2012)

Ground planes release. 
- New: Ground planes editable objects. The Ground planes are defined with their outline polygon and are recalculated after every "update netlist" command.
- Added: New components in the library. The library has doubled his items from the previous version.
- Added: Portrait and landscape option for the printing of PCB.
- Added: The internal vector font supports now special characters in Italian, German and Spanish languages.
- Modified: The QT version is updated to 4.8.1
- Fixed: A visualization error of the toolbar buttons in the status bar.

Itecad 1.2.0 (8 July 2011)

New commands and features release (Draw Mode - Clean Up - Dynamic Ratsnests Mode etc...)
- Added: Draw mode selection in PCB ("Gerber Mode" or "Draft Mode"). Draft Mode uses transparency in copper layers and Pads and Vias are sketched.
- Added: Selection of "Track", "Connected Tracks", "Net" from a segment of a connection.
- Added: Clean Up window
- Added: Wired and Active Ratsnests are calculated using physical shape.
- Added: Dynamic Ratsnest Mode.
- Added: Info about Pads, Vias, Nets, Wired Ratsnest and Active Ratsnest during "Update Netlist".
- Added: After a Rotate/Mirror command the pins that match wire terminals are now automatically connected.
- Removed: Window Selection List.
- Changed: After a SCH Rotate/Mirror/Cut the connected wires are now automatically connected.
- Changed: Style, Grid & Colours of every document are now managed in separate windows.
- Changed: The "Default Settings" are now more intelligible.
- Fixed: Shape error after rotation of rounded rectangle pad.
- Fixed: Wrong color used for displaying pads and vias.
- Fixed: Error during "Change Footprint Side" on SMD components.
- Fixed: Ident and Value of a component are now rightly updated after "Update Netlist" command.
- Fixed: Wrong bounding rect of a component when Value is empty.
- Fixed: "Insert Node" wrong position of the new node.
- Fixed: Wrong gerber files of MaskTop and MaskBottom when using SMD components.
- Fixed: Unnecessary drill files generated.
- Fixed: Wrong displaying of rounded rectangle Vias and Pads.
- Fixed: Error during change pad properties of a component in a project.
- Fixed: Wrong move selection in schematic documents when "Move Mode" is set.
- Fixed: Selection of color mode in print window.
- Fixed: Selection of invisible objects.
- Fixed: Wrong component's ident after repeatedly "Insert Components" command.
- Fixed: Now Pads/Vias are correctly highlighted during insulation check and routing.
- Fixed: PCB routing error (bad nodes connection).
- Fixed: "Edit components" in PCB documents now work whatever is the active layer.
- Fixed: Null wire length error using "Edit Node" tool.
- Fixed: Wrong PCB wire connection after deleting a footprint.
- Fixed: Junction of a pin is now correctly visualized.
- Fixed: Initial settings error of new documents.
- Fixed: Documents properties are now correctly saved.
Itecad 1.1.1 (2 May 2011)

Bug-fix and interface improvements release. 
- Added: Report of not connected pins in schematic documents.
- Changed: Setting wire width in schematic documents.
- Fixed: Possibility to associate a wrong footprint.
- Fixed: Adding/removing of ungated pins are now prohibited into a project.
- Fixed: Position error in status bar.
- Fixed: Wrong enabling/disabling of the wire and polyline tool buttons.
- Fixed: Not visible objects that are not correctly managed.
Itecad 1.1.0 (31 March 2011)

Linux porting release. 
- New: Linux porting completed. Itecad can now run on X11 platforms.
- New: BitRock cross platform installer.
- Changed: Layer menu removed (now the active layer can be easily changed on a combobox control)
- Changed: The library directory paths are now fixed (/Library/SDT & /Library/PCB) 
- Changed: The Options-Directories panel is more intelligible.
- Changed: All the source codes are now in UTF-8 encoding format (useful for Windows and Linux compatibility).
- Fixed: Change Footprint Side error.
- Fixed: Crash when the Internal_Vector_Font chars are not loaded properly.
Itecad 1.0.2 (7 February 2011)

Bug-fix and interface improvements release. 
- Added: TAB key allows easy selection of an object visualized in the screen
- Added: Artistic grid for schematic documents is now settable
- Changed: Start-up splahscreen is more professional
- Changed: Action menu removed (however all the comands are available by pressing keyboard shortcuts)
- Fixed: Error version when saving files
- Fixed: Wire routing error
- Fixed: A bad behaviour of the special characters insertion widget
Itecad 1.0.1 (18 January 2011)

Bug-fix and interface improvements release. 
- Added: Panning is possible also by pressing wheel mouse.
- Added: Selection of overlying objects is made easy with ALT key and selection window.
- Changed: Default page orientation for schematic pages is now landscape.
- Changed: Default title block for schematic pages is now fully visible.
- Fixed: Position error after clicking right button mouse.
- Fixed: Library and project paths are now correctly memorized.
- Fixed: Transform menu is now disabled when there is no selection.
Itecad 1.0.0 (20 December 2010)
First release of the software. 
We are happy to announce that Itecad 1.0 is released today.
Please note that this is the first release, meaning that there might be bugs and that there is room for improvement.
Download it, get familiar with it, ask about it to us.
Please don’t hesitate, we rely on your feedback for progress.


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